What is Rush?

Rush is a period of time, where Greeks (members of sororities or fraternities) hold events for Non-Greeks in an effort to get potential new members interested in their particular organization and to show everyone what we’re all about. During this Rush period, Kappa Phi Lambda holds a series of events designed to reach out to individuals, like you, and show them that we’re a lot more than meets the surface. These events are held in order for YOU, the rushee to get to know the Kappa sisters and what we stand for better. There are no obligations nor commitments to join while your rushing, so don’t worry This is a time where you can just relax, have fun and hang out with the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda!​

Why Kappa Phi Lambda?

There are many reasons why you should consider Kappa Phi Lambda. A sorority is defined as: a chiefly social organization of women students at a college or university, usually designated by Greek letters. Well Kappa is so much more. What makes us different from a club is that we are founded on the idea of Sisterhood. A Sister is always there to lend an ear, to give a helping hand, share your happiness with. Sisterhood is eternal. Be a leader and not a follower. As one of the fastest growing organizations of its kind, be a part of the foundation, don’t just be another face. There are unlimited opportunities to meet new people, network, and prepare for your future. Build strong leadership qualities that are invaluable. With Kappa, there is never a dull moment. With year long commitments to community service, our philanthropy, and of course mixers and parties, your college career is sure to a well-rounded one.

Do I have to be Asian?

You DO NOT have to be Asian in order to join Kappa Phi Lambda. We have many different nationalities represented within Kappa Phi Lambda and being a cultural sorority, we promote cultural diversity amongst other values. We are an Asian interest sorority, NOT Asian exclusive.

What is the Potential New Member Process?

The Potential New Member Process is a learning period when you journey into becoming a sister. There are no specific guidelines on how long it will be, or how hard, but the purpose of the potential new member process is to challenge you and teach you more about yourself, your line sisters, and the sisters of Kappa Phi Lambda. Kappa Phi Lambda strictly abides by the rules and beliefs behind a positive potential new member process. There is never a moment that Kappa Phi Lambda would put you in an embarrassing or harmful situation.

Will the Potential New Member Process affect my grades?

Academic excellence is a principle that Kappa Phi Lambda works hard to stand for. As college students, we recognize and acknowledge that our education is what we are here for. Thus, during the intake process, more than enough time is given to you for your studies.