We participate in the local blood drives, animal shelters, campus events and other events. We believe in the importance in these events as a way to give back to the community what is given to us. As a generation of youths it is important to stress that it is our generation which will be the future and as a result we will take part in it now, the present to ensure that it will be a better place of us as adults.

Our involvement has included:

  • Workshops for Asian Awareness and Culture as well as Academic Excellence
  • Group and Individual community services
  • Fundraisers for our philanthropic organizations (Feed the Children and Children International)

The Causes that Kappa Phi Lambda supports as a whole include:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Asia Society
  • Children’s International
  • Children’s Wish Foundation International
  • Domestic violence walks
  • Family Feud
  • Feed the Children
  • Southern Tiers Aids Program
  • St. Nichols Home Penang
  • Taiwan Hurricane Fund


Reach Out and Read is a nonprofit organization that gives young children a foundation for success by incorporating books into pediatric care and encouraging families to read aloud together.

The Reach Out and Read evidence-based program builds on the unique relationship between parents and medical providers to develop critical early reading skills in children, beginning in infancy. As recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics, Reach Out and Read incorporates early literacy into pediatric practice, equipping parents with tools and knowledge to ensure that their children are prepared to learn when they start school.

Reach Out and Read serves nearly 4.5 million children and their families annually. Reach Out and Read families read together more often, and their children enter kindergarten with larger vocabularies and stronger language skills. During the preschool years, children served by Reach Out and Read score three to six months ahead of their non-Reach Out and Read peers on vocabulary tests. These early foundational language skills help start children on a path of success when they enter school.



Save Lives and Bring Hope to Those Affected by Suicide

To fully achieve its mission, AFSP engages in the following Five Core Strategies:

  • Fund scientific research
  • Offer educational programs for professionals
  • Educate the public about mood disorders and suicide prevention
  • Promote policies and legislation that impact suicide and prevention
  • Provide programs and resources for survivors of suicide loss and people at risk, and involve them in the work of the Foundation